Nifty El Toro Electric Branders
Nifty Livestock Equipment Ltd. is a dealer for El-Toro Electric Branders, which are manufactured in Alberta by a Canadian owned company.

Features of the El-Toro Electric Branding Iron:El Toro Electric Branders

• equipped with three-wire grounded cords

• plug into any 120 volt outlet

• heats in approximately 90 seconds to a constant, even heat — no waiting for the brander to reheat, no fires to build, no propane bottle to refill

• controlled heat feature gives a clearer brand

• round burning surface makes the hair grow away from the brand, not over it

• even heat and quick application eliminates much of the shock and stress from branding

• made from non-corrosive materials

• reinforced at all stress points, making it more durable

El Toro Electric Branders The El-Toro Electric Branding Iron is available for cows, calves and horses, and comes in sizes from 2.5 inches to 4 inches high. They are available in single, double or triple character on one heat resistant, sturdy handle. With proper care, they will last for many years.

Other products available from El-Toro Electric Branders include:

• freeze branders

• electric dehorners

• electric cauterizers

• electric twine cutters (removes twines from bale processors)

For more details and products take a look at the El Toro website


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