Nifty Easy Dump Trash
Easy Dump Trash BinsThe Easy Dump Garbage Bins are designed to adapt to any truck mounted round bale handler. The bin is made of steel, the lockable lid is made from molded plastic. They are clean, tidy, nice-looking and locking. The bin will hold 2 cubic yards. Although designed as garbage bins, horse and other animal owners will find them very useful as storage units for bagged feed or other products.
Easy Dump Trash Bins Handling the bins is much the same as a round bale. The arms on the handler pick up the bin and set it in the back of the truck. The bin is hooked to the truck with a chain. At the waste transfer station, the bin is dumped as the arms are lowered, then the bin is set back in the truck and delivered back to its location. Some waste disposal companies are offering a rental service, which includes the rental of the bins and delivery of garbage to local waste transfer stations.



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